All Work and No Play…

In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been for the past month, it’s either been at work, at work, or at work.  Okay, okay, I kid.  I’ve been at work, making jewelry, and at work.  Things have stayed quite busy up at the arts center, but it’s winding down as summer approaches and I’m looking forward to some down time.

During the past few months, when I had time away from the office, I curled up amongst my collection of pillows and slept.  I can’t even explain to you how worn out I have been.  Naps don’t allow for creativity (unless you consider the dream department of a creative nature).  Actually, naps really only allow for sleeping which has lead to a VERY unproductive WoolyHands and IdyllHands this spring.  The spinning wheel has sat slumped in the corner, halfway filled with yarn just yearning to be finished (yearning yarn!), my beads have sat on the shelf growing dusty as they go forgotten, my knitting needles have gone by the wayside to make room for paperwork that has been brought home at night.

It has been a sad state of affairs.


something happened last weekend.

I made a necklace.  Actually, I made a few, my favorite of which is pictured above.  I’m not sure what came over me, but I sat down, pulled out tray after tray of beads, and went to work. 

And then something even stranger happened.

I made more today!  What has come over me?  Has the ability to come home in the evening without bringing work with me allowed me to focus my creative efforts elsewhere?  Perhaps.  This happens every year, but each time I act surprised.  It’s just part of the cycle, I suppose.  Who knows, perhaps my hiatus from crafty things allows me to come back with a huge BANG when I do get the time.  What if playing all year only lead to stale products.  Gasp!  What kind of world would that be?

A terrible one.

I shudder to even think of that world.

We should erase that world from our memories.

I do need to be honest with you, though, since blogs are meant to be mostly honest (and notice I do say mostly, I’ll let you decide where that mostly lies).  I do have a HUGE binder of things I need to read before heading off to West Virginia the first week of June for a bit of schooling.  I just wouldn’t be Erin if there wasn’t at least one thing I was putting off for one more day.

One thought on “All Work and No Play…

  1. I've been in a jewelry slump for quite a while too but I'm trying to convince myself that if I get on a schedule of making new things in the spring & fall that it should all work itself out otherwise… 🙂 Have fun on your next trip, gosh you travel a lot! :)p.s. that necklace is awesome. ♥

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