West By God Virginia

Good Gravy!  I see that some of you have left some amazing replies to my post yesterday.  It helps me more than you could know to get some insight from those removed from the situation.  Sometimes just living the frustration from day to day can bog you down and it takes words coming from someone […]

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This post brought to you by LMFAO

No thanks to a local Hibachi restaurant, I’ve got this song stuck in my head: Now there, you can share in my joy.  Everyday they be shufflin… true story. I’m sorry to report that I didn’t volunteer to campaign for President of the United States or anything like that today.  I’m sure you were fully […]

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A Girl and her fake press conference

Today was a bit of a mismatch.  Like yesterday, I met what seemed like 100s of people (but it wasn’t quite that many) and learned that VMS instructors like to make people laugh… especially the ones from Melbourne (as in Australia… Down Under… home of Crocodile Dundee… yeah, that place).  In an effort to concentrate […]

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Greetings from West Virginia

It was many hours ago when my alarm went off at 4:00am and during that time I flew to Chicago, then to Pittsburgh, drove to West Virginia, ate at an old school Dairy Queen, set food in a Kroger for the first time since 1999, met a TON of people, exchanged many business cards, was […]

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