West By God Virginia

Good Gravy!  I see that some of you have left some amazing replies to my post yesterday.  It helps me more than you could know to get some insight from those removed from the situation.  Sometimes just living the frustration from day to day can bog you down and it takes words coming from someone else’s mouth to help point you in the right direction.  I have some amazing blog readers!

I don’t have any insightful professional topics to write about tonight.  Actually, I’m a liar.  I had an entire blog post written out about false perceptions vs. real reality, but it got wordy, I had trouble making a point, and I just didn’t like it.

So I hit delete… quite a few times, in fact.

I’d really just like to tell you about the fabulous time I had in West By God Virginia today.

This afternoon was left class free so that VMS students could go on a tour, or ride a horse, or play some golf (or maybe take a nap).  Based on the recommendation by a 2nd year student, I signed up to go on the Wheeling tour.  The tour would take us around town and to the Capital Theatre and West Banco Arena. 

Little did I know how INTERSTING that tour would be.

Venues aside (both were lovely, the theater being my favorite, I am partial after all), I absolutely became enamored by the history of Wheeling.  I had no idea it existed before hearing about VMS, but wow, what a history. 

How about a summary?  Here goes:

  • Locals call it the real gateway to the West.  After hearing why, I might agree.  Sorry St. Louis.
  • Wheeling had filtered city water pumped to their houses 3 years before Manhattan.  Take that NYC!
  • The National Road runs right through the heart of town.
  • It’s home to the oldest, functioning suspension bridge in the US.
  • Someone said the steam boat was invented here, but really I just think a TON were manufactured here.
  • It was the first capital of West Virginia (the only state to be formed during the Civil War.
  • Loads of rich people build loads of awesome houses during the 8 decades of the Victorian era.  You can buy some of those now for a song.
  • The Capital Theatre used to have a swimming pool and a bowling alley under the theater.  It was planned for it to also house a 7 story hotel on top.  The hotel never happen, neither did the pool.  The bowling alley was donated to a penitentiary in the 1970s.  However, the theater is still there and it’s GORGEOUS.
  • Brad Paisley and John Corbett are both from Wheeling.  I’m “meh” about Brad, but wouldn’t mind being pals with John Corbett.

So there you have it, Wheeling in a quick, very quick, bullet point list.  If you’re ever up this way, check it out.  It’s really a lovely place.

If I’ve piqued your interest a bit, you can read all about it here: http://wheeling.weirton.lib.wv.us/history.htm

2 thoughts on “West By God Virginia

  1. Hey hun! Glad you are feeling more optimistic today… Enjoy the rest of your trip and glad you are having a good time… p.s. don't know how I missed it but I LOVE those green cons! xo!!!!!

  2. The green cons are my favorite shoes! I hunted those down for 9 months until I found them. Sure, I could have ordered them online, but then the thrill of the chase would have been lost. The color is piquant.

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