Happy Birthday, Mom.

Mom and me… Thanksgiving 2006

Today is my mom’s birthday. She would have been 67. It’s still weird that she’s not here to celebrate with. Now this is just a day. I don’t say that to get sad looks or hugs from friends, I’m just stating what it feels like. The memories of celebration are still there, but the feeling of celebration has been removed. I thought it would take longer until I felt this way, but apparently, a couple of years later, it’s just a day.

I wish it wasn’t. I wish she was here to celebrate being 67 and looking fabulous and enjoying life. I don’t know if Heaven exists, I’ve found it harder and harder to believe in it the older I get and the more people I have taken away from my life but if it does, I do hope she’s having a party with all of her favorite things and I hope her dad is with her… celebrating with his first born and having a good time.

Happy Birthday, mom. We all love you and miss you daily!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom.

  1. *Sniff* That's so sweet of you to post about your mom on her birthday. Hugs to you and to her, wherever she is!

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