Me Things

That’s me doing a me thing in Cozumel πŸ™‚

Now that Christmas is out of my system, I can once again concentrate on me things. You see, during the autumn months leading up to the Holidays, I’m creating things for everyone else but me. I’m working on product for craft shows, working on gifts for family and friends, and getting our house ready for the Holidays (while it’s a small place, it is my goal to make it feel warm, festive and welcome for anyone who comes to visit).

But now it’s December 30.

I’m staring at 2012 and waving goodbye to 2011.

I’ve spent the past few days clearing house in preparation for the new year. Yes, you read that right, clearing (not cleaning). For every 2 things that I love, I own one thing that I really don’t care much about. It’s time to get rid of space fillers that just collect dust. A decluttered house will allow me to think more freely, more clearly and more robustly. I need a space that allows me to sit down and accomplish many, many things and I don’t have that with knick-knacks strewn about.

I’ve filled up 3 bags to donate, 2 boxes of things to sell and 4 bags of trash. I hate that some of this went into the trash, but broken hangers, old medicine bottles, hair doodads and crap just don’t need to go to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army. I do have my limits. I can once again see my precious collections and find the closet door in my guest room. I now have the space and serene environment to work on those me things I started this post off with.

What are me things? Well, they are lots of things. Sometimes a me thing is writing a blog post, making jewelry, spinning yarn, dying fiber, writing an article, writing a poem, reorganizing my jewelry box, attempting yoga for 5 minutes or cooking. I’m sure I left off at least 53 me things. Me things are just that, things I do for me. Perhaps I want to knit a random hat. I have no recipient in mind… heck, I’m not even sure if the hat is for me, but I know I want to knit it. There is no deadline on the hat, no color requirements, no size requirements, just me and my knitting needles. Me things help heal a tired soul and refresh an overworked mind. It’s the things that help balance out my life and I admit, I haven’t done a great job in keeping them up this past year.

So allow me to make this my first New Year’s resolution:

Take more time and opportunities to seek out some me things.

4 thoughts on “Me Things

  1. yeah! I love the distinction you made between cleaning and clearing. Everyone needs a little of that this time of year.

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