…the mornings greet me with a frosty blanket.

Trees are losing their summer cloaks.

The breeze brings whiffs of glowing fireplaces.

The season has changed and with it my evenings and weekends have become busy in preparation for the Holidays.  I’m one of those people that do not complain when the craft stores put out Holiday goodies before Halloween.  This is exactly when I’m in the mood for a bit of Holiday inspiration.  As a crafter and one who brings new life to old treasures, I have to have all of my Holiday goodies ready in time for the rest of you to finally accept that Christmas is only 2 months away.

YES… you heard me correctly.

Christmas is only 2 months away!

So I’ve been busy making Holiday gift sets for IdyllHands.  I just love this collection of necklaces made from vintage brooches and matching earrings.

I’ve also been working on some decor items.  This one was inspired by a larger version my grandma passed down to me about 10 years ago.  My small one took what seemed like a month to make.  I will treasure the one she gave me forever.

And I’ve been busy making some Holiday sets of dessert stands for the Junque Rethunque booth and for The Alliday Show.  The shop we’re in is hosting an open house on Nov. 15, so my sister and I are putting the pedal to the metal to get ready for it.

Prepping for the Holidays drives some people mad, but I love it.  It’s crazy, it fills up my days, it’s stressful at times, but it’s fun and exciting.  I love having a reason to pull all of the odds and ends I’ve been collecting over the year out and put them together into new and wonderful things.  I just love making I suppose.

What are you putting together for the holidays?  Maybe you’re knitting a scarf or baking some goodies?  What are you planning?  I’d love to hear about it.

2 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. I always think I’m going to bake ALL THE THINGS for ALL THE PEOPLE but then I decide that’s crazy talk. I can’t bare to give away all the lovely goodies I baked!

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