Eight Years

Today marks the Sweet Boy and my 8th anniversary!  8 years ago today he picked me up to take me out to a friends house for some good, old fashion pumpkin carving.

I think I carved a fortune teller or something.

Funny how I can’t remember exactly what my pumpkin looked like, but I remember I wore jeans, a charcoal gray shirt and black boots.

I’m kind of a girl like that.

It’s been a great 8 years.  We’ve both grown up, learned things, discovered things, and have created things together.  He’s so supportive of everything I do and I couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect for me.

Happy Anniversary, Sweet Boy, may we celebrate many, many more!

5 thoughts on “Eight Years

  1. I think so! If I ever do a wedding, it would be this time of year but I think we’ll just skip down and elope when that day comes, so the time of year is kind of eh in that case 🙂

  2. Oh Happy Anniversary Erin!

    You don’t talk about that sweet boy of yours much on your blog so I’ve always wondered about you two! We eloped as well… just wanted to ‘be married’ and so we are.

    Lots of love to you both!


  3. I try to keep the romance private 😉 we’re still very much an item. Maybe I’ll just announce we’re married one day. Who knows?

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