Saturdays are for Thrifting

I don’t often reserve certain days for activities, unless that day is Saturday.  Almost every Saturday morning (unless I’m at work or out of town) I’m up early and out the door to hit up my favorite thrift stores and flea markets.

I don’t always find treasures.

But when I do, I find the best treasures.

A recent trip through Missouri resulted in this gorgeous piece above.

It also produced this McCoy planter.  I didn’t know it was a McCoy.  I just knew it was a sheep.  I like sheep.  It was also a planter.  I like planters.  It wasn’t until I brought it home that I discovered the McCoy marking.

It wasn’t in the usual place and had it been, I’m sure the seller would have wanted much more.

It’s my persistent hunt for treasures that results in great and unique finds.  That’s the trick with thrifting.  Do it often.  Your hard work will reward you.

Just don’t do it around here.  I’ve claimed this territory.

What’s your favorite thrifted find?  I think mine is the McCoy above.

2 thoughts on “Saturdays are for Thrifting

  1. I try to make Friday my day… Recently the husby and I found a huge box of old glass bottles for $20, which we have parted out, kept some and sold others, that was a great find… and then I found a big bag of matchbox/hot-wheels cars recently for $2, sold them at the antiques show for 50cents each in a big bowl, everyone had fun digging around to find a good one, or two or three… and most recently (yesterday) I found a really sweet wooden canister set with strawberries on it, that I am just totally in love with, but don’t have enough counter space to keep… so I’ll be listing it in my shop soon I’m sure! 🙂

    Have you ever considered selling vintage on Etsy? It’s quite fun! 😉

  2. My sister is the glass bottle/jar/container QUEEN! I think she said she just hauled 5 boxes/crates of them into storage this weekend. If she reads this and I’m wrong, I know she’ll correct me.

    I think it’s the excitement of the hunt I love the most. I just can’t keep it all. And yes, I’ve considered Etsy, but my sister is doing that too, so I just let her handle that end of it for now. I have trouble keeping up with the 2 shops I do have!

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