Project Overload

Things are getting festive in my world. I’ve been getting ready for a Holiday Open House at the flea market and doing a bit of crafting for my one holiday craft show. It’s starting to wear on me. I’ve been working a LOT lately and when I come home, I have to sit down and be creative or I just won’t get everything done in time.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love it, I’m just tired.

Thankfully tonight’s project was fun and didn’t require too many brain things to make it happen. I have what seems like shelves upon shelves of vintage canning jars. Even if I tried to fill them all this summer with fresh pickles and canned veggies, I would not be able to find storage space. So, I’m left with these pretty little jars at the end of canning season and nothing to do with them.

Enter the beloved bottle brush tree. Don’t you just love those things? I’m really glad they are trendy right now because that makes finding some affordable enough for projects easy. Before it was a tireless search for vintage trees and when I did find them, they were pretty pricey. Now I find them at… hey… wait a minute… I can’t give out my sources.

You just think you’re that sneaky.

I saw a project over on Pinterest recently that looked cute. It used canning jars, bottle brush trees, and fake snow. Voila… instant snow globe but without the murky water. They are quite cute and will fit in well with the vintage aesthetic that is Junque Rethunque.

I’m honestly almost embarrassed by the ease of this project but sometimes you just need something simple. Oh, and sometimes you just need something laid out for you on Pinterest. Thank goodness for that.

What Pinterest projects are you planning for the holidays? C’mon, I know you have some. We can’t think of everything ourselves!

PS – I can’t promise a lot of blogs this upcoming week (unless I get busy and schedule some this weekend). I have a busy week coming up. I’ll be around though – so don’t be a stranger.

2 thoughts on “Project Overload

  1. Sometimes simple projects are the best! I’m working on some of my own right now for my shop… ornaments. that’s all I’m gonna say for now. hoping to get them photographed this weekend. 😀

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