As David Bowie so harmoniously sang about…

My life has seen so many positive changes since the Sweet Boy and I moved west. I blogged about the most important… well… most sentimental one last month. The other changes have just fallen into place.

No pomp.

No circumstance.

Just changes slowly seeping into how we do things and ever so slowly changing the course of our future. They feel good and I’m soaking them in with each moment I have.

If you’re anything like me, you’re eagerly awaiting the portion of this post where I start listing these changes. While I’m excited to share them with you, I do have to warn you, no change involves a cross country move (been there, done that) they don’t involve a baby (haven’t been there, not sure if we’re going to do that), and we haven’t bought our first house. If you speed read your blog feed for major happenings, move along, nothing to see here.

However, if you enjoy sharing in the real life that makes up the every day, you’ve come to the right place. And without further delay, the list (in no particular order):

1) In the past week, I’ve walked a total of 10 miles in addition to the miles I spend on my feet at work. These are miles walked out of necessity (like those ones I walk at work), but rather miles walked because of a conscious decision to improve my health My blood pressure has been high the past two times I’ve had it checked. The first time was an introductory course into bad news from the doctor. The second time saw me rolling my eyes at my own stupidity. High BP is the silent killer… right? Time to take the warning seriously and hit the trails. There are so many around Portland and I’m lucky to live just a few intersections away from Glendoveer Golf Course which comes with a 2 mile trail. I can swing by on my way home from work and in 40 minutes, I’m 2 more miles closer to a healthier future.

2) The Sweet Boy accepted a new job a couple of months ago. The 2nd paycheck for our house means we are finally on a 3 year track to have all credit card debt (and one vehicle) paid off. I keep talking about it and I know the Sweet Boy is surely sick of hearing it but it feels SO good to comfortably be heading that direction. When we were both working for a non-profit, we were uncomfortably paying down this debt and by uncomfortably I mean that for every bill we paid, we had to turn around and use the card again because all of our cash went to the bill. It’s that cycle everyone who has been in this position can relate to but we’ve finally broken it and I might just throw a party to celebrate.

In three years, of course.

3) I’m making the food I put in my mouth. Sounds simple enough, but it isn’t. Since moving to Portland, I’ve put on weight. It could be stress that comes with a move like this, or the new job, or the breweries that dot this town, or the amazing restaurants, or the… I’ll stop there. Excuses are too easy to fall back on and they allow for bad decisions to be made time and time again. If I was tired when I got home from work, we ordered pizza (and this town is full of good pizza) or picked up Chinese food or dropped in to visit my new favorite Thai restaurant. Don’t get my wrong, I haven’t abandoned those places, but I don’t care to visit them more than a few times a month. Making my own food allows me to control what I put in my mouth and makes more sense financially.

Also, I LOVE cooking, so it is a win win.

It gets hard when I’m tired so I make sure and freeze leftovers as soon as we’re done with dinner so food won’t go bad and I’ll have something quick to reheat on those nights when just driving home uses up whatever energy I’m left with at the end of the day.

There you have it.


Positive changes.

Each one of the items above will lead to great things. Better health, fitting into my smaller clothes again, and financial freedom (and moving into a cozy bungalow closer to the idea neighborhoods in Portland). I can’t wait to keep everyone updated on my progress. It will keep me accountable and hopefully keep you inspired to make your own positive changes.

What changes have you seen in your life lately? I’ve love to hear about them.

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