Dear Apartment Therapy…

Avoiding my assignment for the weekend involved cleaning up some of my favorite vintage kitchen goodies… it was a trade off.

Design Blogs.

I can’t think of a situation in which I wouldn’t enjoy browsing through a design blog. Even the bad ones are a good opportunity to raise an eyebrow or two and judge the person who chose THAT paint color. My favorite (good) one is Apartment Therapy. It’s updated often, provides a wide variety of things to browse through and inspires me daily.

It also makes me loathe my current living room set up, couch, book shelves, bedroom set, walls, kitchen… you get the idea. I’ll spend a few minutes in the evening reading through some of the most current house tours and be left pouting that I won’t have a space like that… at least not until we move. I also don’t have space to rehab furniture which is a huge part of why I love Apartment Therapy.

Because of my self-imposed inability to take what I see on the website and run with it, I’ve filed it away in my “use this to pin that for when we have a better space” category.

Enter Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. I’m not sure how long they’ve been doing it, but I’ve read about it for the last couple of years but haven’t jumped in and joined. On a whim, I signed up to receive the newsletter for this year’s round a few weeks ago. I’m pretty good of getting rid of things and keeping our space clean and neat BUT I’ve been drawn to a simpler look lately. Less furniture and what furniture you do have raised up off the floor (very mid-century modern I suppose), less clutter, less less LESS!

I can set off and do this on my own, but a bit of motivation and a plan doesn’t hurt. January Cure will provide that for me. It might also allow me to realize I can do some of what I’ve been putting off for another day (and a different house).

The first task/assignment/whathaveyou was fairly straight forward. “Clean your floors and buy flowers for your space”. Mind you, I said straight forward, not easy. This didn’t mean to run your vacuum over the carpet and sweep the entry way. This involved moving furniture and vacuuming under it, getting down on my hands and knees and scrubbing those scary spots on the kitchen floor (what were those spots anyway?), and using that flat nozzle thingamabob on the vacuum hose and going along every edge in every room. It was an intense 5 hours. I was very thorough.

VERY thorough.

I found cat litter in places that I didn’t think she could get. I’m going to go ahead and pretend that was fresh, clean cat litter and not cat litter that was previous clumped up in a urine ball in the cat box. Pretending is good and also a sign of a creative, brilliant mind. It also lets me sleep at night.

Now, allow me to let you in on a bit of a secret. This task was far beyond cleaning. The task mentioned to make a note of problem areas as I’ll be making a list of these soon. I noted some areas and went on about my cleaning business but quickly returned to those problem areas to start working on them. I went through a basket full of dusty sheet music and music books and cleaned out my record collection. It didn’t take long to fill a box to take for donation. I focused again on cleaning the floors and avoided the distraction of going through piles. I’ll get to those later, I’m sure of it. I think for this to be wildly successful, I need to complete the task and just the task.

I’m just making that last part up but it sounds good… right?

At least it makes me feel better for only giving some of my piles the attention needed to move them, vacuum under them and move back into place.

I learned a lot of things today. 1) The half bath has never been swept. Gross, I know. 2) Piano song books full of songs from the 60s are better left to the for sale shelf at Goodwill. 3) We have TOO much stuff. It shouldn’t take 5 hours to clean floors. I think a good 3 of those hours were spent moving things around.


I think this project will be just what I need to breathe life back into my space. Maybe it will give me the opportunity to blog about my progress. Apparently I have trouble keeping up with the old blog unless I have an assignment to complete.

Speaking of assignments, and I’m not making any promises, BUT, I might just embark on a bit of a blogging adventure starting in February (or March, we’ll see how it goes). You know all of those terrible cook books from the 60s? The ones with tuna Jello molds and weird bundt shaped pate? I’m half tempted to start cooking those terrible things and seeing how they go over either at the dinner table (and let’s be honest, my dinner table is a coffee table in front of the tv, so I don’t need anything too fancy there) or maybe in the break room at work. Kind of a Julie and Julia thing but more retro (well, Julia Child is pretty retro soooo…) okay, so more tacky.

I feel like those tuna Jello salad molds need to be brought to life and be given another chance. Any takers?

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