And One More Thing

Yesterday I went on and on about cleaning my floors. Who knew I had so much to say about such a topic? Okay, yeah, I know, I have so much to say about every little thing.

It’s a blessing, just go with it.

I left the flower procurement portion of this weekend’s task to today. Of course today saw the clouds open up and the rain flooded in. When will I learn to do my shopping in Portland on SUNNY days? Even if I’m not quite out of everything, I really should take advantage of those days more often. Alas, I didn’t and today I found myself dodging oily puddles across a rain soaked parking lot in front of a nicer Safeway than the one I have around the corner from my house. Somewhere east of here… more in the burbs. That’s where you go to find nicer Safeways, the burbs or closer into town. I live in a crevasse of run down shopping establishments, fast food eateries and shady Chinese restaurants.

Remind me to move one of these days.

Anyways, back to those flowers. As I expected, the nicer Safeway did have a better selection of floral offerings than my local Safeway (which isn’t terrible but not spectacular – it’s more of a mix of sad “sorry I forgot to take out the trash and by the way, I made out with your best friend” arrangements than bright and cheery “Your floors are clean – amazing” arrangements). I picked up and put down about 23 different bouquets. Every color of tulip, all the roses, strange mixes of greenery, plain and boring carnations… THAT’S IT. Carnations.



Will last me until St. Patrick’s Day.

$4.99 with my Safeway Club card.


I picked out a nice pink arrangement which I thought would stand out from my usual choice of autumnal colors or whites and creams. I opted to not purchase greenery, I live in the Pacific Northwest, greenery is EVERYWHERE for free. Now later when I was scavenging for the perfect sprig of green in the rain, I questioned my decision made in the store, but again, I haven’t learned to do these things on sunny days yet.

Now I’m at home, admiring my nice floral arrangement, looking forward to keeping this small indulgence up on a regular basis and fighting with my computer to download Garmin Express (why isn’t it working?).

And yes, with that, I’m still running.

Happy Sunday!

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