Lists, Lists, Everywhere Are Lists

It seems blogging about this January Cure thing is working out for me… so far.  I guess I’ll try to keep it up as long as the getting is good.  Today’s task wasn’t as active as I was hoping for but necessary all the same.  I walked through the house and made a list of EVERYTHING that needed attention.  Okay, okay, most things that needed attention (I got hungry before I finished and had to make dinner and then the steam was gone).

Some spaces were easier than others.  My entry way just needs a nicer storage unit that’s short enough to stay about knee height but still provide a space to stash a collection of towels we use for just about everything (need a towel in the car?  We have that.  Need a towel for a mid-summer work out?  We have that too.)  It’s best to keep these by the front door but I’m completely over the plastic drawers they are currently stored in.  This was originally hidden away in a closet but now they aren’t… not really sure what happened there.  Maybe the project that needs attention in the entry way is figuring out how to get those drawers back in the closet instead of searching for a new pieces of furniture.  I’ll think on that.

Other rooms weren’t as easy.  My living room, for example.  At first glance, it’s fine.  It’s nice, neat, comfortable… but something about it bugs me.  I need to hang things on walls, I don’t love where the book shelves are, our couch is hanging on by a thread – see, not as easy.  I need to be realistic about this space.  Am I really going to move those book shelves?  I could, but where would they go?  I think they shall stay.  Do I have money for a new couch?  That’s and easy NO.  So I’m down to hanging things on walls.  That leads to another project – find frames!  Paint those frames!  Frame that art!  Okay, three other projects.  Who’s counting?

My other rooms were similar.  Bathrooms are fine, not a lot of projects there (need to hang a towel ring, but that’s about all I can come up with).  The bedrooms aren’t as simple but it’s easy to list the projects.  Wash the pillows, find some curtains, hang the curtains… nothing overly complicated.

I have a feeling those might be my famous last words.

To be 100% honest, it took everything I had to do tonight’s task.  I left work late, avoided the temptation to stop off at one of many Thai and Chinese take out places for a quick dinner option and headed to the store to get ingredients for lettuce wraps and egg drop soup, came home and just wanted to crash.  Granted, it’s my first day back to work after a couple of weeks but the days won’t get easier.  Some nights I’ll jog after work, some nights I’ll want a nap… how will I have the time and motivation to keep this up?  I’m just being real here, no flowers and bunnies and kittens on this blog.  Just honestly.  Sometimes it’s amazing how motivated I am to complete a task and sometimes I’m lucky I don’t stop in my tracks and not move again for hours.

It is because of this that I’m convinced many lifestyle bloggers are robots.

Okay, all, all lifestyle bloggers are robots.

Another list that I think it worthy of note is my list of 2015 resolutions.  I can’t remember a January where I made a list with the intention to keep up with it.  I also haven’t taken the time to pour over old entries on this blog to see if I’ve written about this in the past.  It’s possible I have.  It’s also entirely possible that I’ve forgotten all about it sooo… you know… shows how dedicated I was in the past.

This year will be different.  As God is my witness… I’ll never fake resolution again!

Whew, I’m glad I got that out of my system.

My resolutions this year are meant to be fun and full of win.  They are, in no particular order:

1 – Spin yarn and start selling it on Etsy… again.  I haven’t spun yarn since 2013 so this one is long overdue.
2 – Run a 15k.  I’m working up to an 8k for a race in March.  I KNOW I have this in me.
3 – Become a better baker.  I adore cooking and have recently taken up baking on a semi-regular basis.  I’m getting there, but I need some work.
4 – Start a house down payment savings account.  We keep putting this off because “we need to pay off debt first” or “we don’t have enough to make a different” or “hahahahah… buying a house… really?”.  The big girl pants are going on and time to get serious.  Every dollar makes a difference and the longer we wait, the more the house will cost in the long run.  Let’s do this!

These are all manageable resolutions.  Hopefully this list won’t scare me off.  It seems like I’m surrounded by a lot of lists right now.  Not sure how I feel about that.  I’d rather be surrounded by a soft, warm quilt taking a nap.  Not as productive but naps are a good escape.

Have I told you that naps are my favorite?

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