The Schmoo


This force of nature left us yesterday.  It was exponentially harder to let happen than I thought it would be.  Like, rivers of tears harder.

I adopted her when she was they very tiniest of kittens.  She made the move from Texas to Arkansas and then to Oregon.  What a life for a cat.

She hated when Ben held her up to the ceiling in my apartment in Austin (he is tall, our ceiling was low, it was a thing).

She hated my mom’s cats when I lived with her for a couple of months post-college (big fat bullies that they were).

She hated the house on Happy Hollow (still convinced it was haunted).

She hated cat food with beef (but really, not sure that’s a good option for a domestic cat anyways).

She hated to be picked up and carried around (I did so anyways).

But she loved the heck out of her humans and got us through tough times again and again.  She was the smallest therapist I knew.

RIP sweet Schmoo.

You brightened everyone’s days for the past 17.5 years.

2 thoughts on “The Schmoo

  1. Thank you – it’s been strange to not have her around.

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