there i knew it would be alright

An apology for not having a picture to capture your attention.  I can’t even try to compete with the image I’m trying to explain below.  I do hope you’ll forgive me.

This morning’s sunrise was the kind of sunrise you try your best to capture in your memory… to recall on a cloudy day… to bring to the front of your mind when things are a bit dark.  Swaths of clouds stretched across Mt. Hood to our east and behind them bands of bright orange and pink silhouetted the sleeping volcano cloaked in snow.  It was oddly quiet for that time of day on our street.  Where we typically listen to car after car racing into work, this morning’s soundtrack was the quiet whisper that comes with the wooded area we live in.

In the time it took for me to load my car for work, a light snow started to fall… reflecting the rays of the sunrise and creating a canvas of glitter over the bright green early spring grass that has shown up sometime since last week.  I turned to my husband and “This is strange” came out of my lips before I had a chance to figure out where the cloud was that left us with a tiny hint of winter before the temperature rose and it turned to rain.  We both looked up to find the patch of gray and paused for a moment.

It was so quiet.

It felt like the first snow after a hard summer.  Like it was a promise of something amazing to come.

In that brief moment, I truly felt at peace… a feeling I’ve chased for ages and am glad I finally found it.  Even if only there for a moment, the promise that it’s there somewhere is more than enough.  I’m so glad it was shared with the one person who has worked so hard to help me find that peace.  It was definitely a moment for the books.


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