The Start of Something Great… again


A few posts ago, I bragged about my resolution… or goal rather… to conquer inclines without being completely spent while trail running this year.  I followed that proclamation up by purchasing new trail running shoes (my old ones are as bald as the tires on my ’88 Ford Escort my senior year of HS before I knew to check those kinds of thing), I have my winter running clothes pulled out from under the bed and easy to get to, I’ve read blog after blog with techniques and tips to help me get up those hills… one day at a time.

I’m beyond mentally ready.

So why did it take me until March 9 to put on my shoes (my old ones I might add, I like to punish myself I suppose) and head out into the sunlight to log some miles?

Okay, I’ll admit.  I can lean towards being a “get the gear” kind of girl.  If you’re a Portlandia fan then you know the reference.  I’m talking about the skit where the couple spends all of their time getting the gear and none of the time actually using it.  I’m quite fantastic at researching and acquiring the very best gear for the task and then letting it sit so pretty in a closet… dirt free.  I have to work to NOT be that person.  Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE getting outdoors but part of the fun for me is the collection of gear and prep ahead of time (Rocky may remember the two weeks of my organizing gear that went on prior to our 2016 trip to the Gorge Amphitheater for Labor Day weekend – that was almost as fun as the trip itself).  Maybe it’s the crazy type A personality I’m haunted with.  You can’t be the best if you don’t have the best… can’t achieve without the right tools… too impatient to let this happen over time… yadda yadda.  Yes, I’ll partially blame type A.

I could also blame the weather.  It’s been rainy… snowy… cold… windy… boo hoo… it’s winter in Portland.  But if I’m being honest, weather never really scares me.  I’ve been known to head out with my favorite guy to hike Multnomah Falls in the driving rain just to avoid the crowds on a sunny day.  I ran in snow and ice back in 2014 when I was still training up to my first race.  I’ll walk to the point at Cape Meares, braving the sharp wind and piercing rain of the Pacific NW Coast just to catch a glimpse of the angry ocean.  So bad weather doesn’t really work as an excuse.

Some might even say I’m being a Jepson.  If any family members are reading then you’re either offended or 100% agree… I’ll just leave it at that.

Perhaps basically I’m just a slacker when it comes to goals and March 9 was as good a day as any to head out I suppose.

Actually, the day was more glorious than most.  After a freak, unexpected snowfall the night before, the temperature rose, the snow melted and the sky was as blue as it has been in quite some time.  I didn’t quite make it to the hiking trail up the butte behind my house, but I did head down to my usual spot, logged a couple of miles total before my legs and lungs reminded me that my last run was in October and maybe I need a few weeks to work back up to my weeknight 5k.  I also found new to me trail art/graffiti to document (see below) so all around, a successful venture out.

Maybe next time I’ll actually put on the new shoes and head to the dirt trail.  But maybe I’m just a big talker 🙂




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