thanks, that was fun.


It was somewhere around 10:30pm last Friday evening.  Rocky and I descended the steps from our balcony seats and exited the theater doors right onto the sidewalk of a somewhat deserted city street.  Both of us still damp from what might have been the hottest indoor concert I’ve attended, slightly chilled with the hint of end of summer temperatures, and completely exhausted.  We both left with a touch of accomplishment.  We’d made it.  Our summer of concerts ended on a high note at an Incubus concert with just a couple of days left until the official start of autumn.

We danced.

We sang.

We called out to the stage for encores.

We lost our voices.

We sweat.

I cried (lots of music makes me cry – it’s a thing).

We critiqued set lists.

We watched people who had too much fun carried out by medtechs.

We saw VERY rare performances of VERY rare songs with VERY rare collaborations on stage.

We paid too much for crappy beer.

We paid too much for tour merchandise.

We had a blast.

It was a fantastic run and I’d do it again in a heart beat.  We’re already day dreaming about traveling to some concerts next year – an east coast run of DMB shows?  The Texas run of DMB shows?  There are lots of options out there.  I wouldn’t turn down a chance to leave town for vacation AND see a concert.  There are worse things in the world.

Let’s chat a bit about the Incubus concert.  If you had asked me 20 years ago if I’d be going to an Incubus concert in my 38th year, I’m sure I would have returned the inquiry with a blinking stare.  Sure, I liked what was on the radio, but I didn’t own a CD or listen to them beyond what hit the charts.  In comes Rocky.  With all new relationships, there is a meshing of music collections.  Rocky liked Incubus and their discography made for great Christmas presents back when a CD was a great present to give/get.

Don’t act like you don’t remember those days.  They weren’t that long ago.  This was post free Napster and pre-Spotify/Pandora.  Ahhh… the good old days.

So CDs were added to the collection, but they were exclusively played in Rocky’s truck… which we never really use together… so everything post 2000 was unknown to me other than what the album cover looked like.  But clearly not my husband.  He sang almost EVERY word to EVERY song on Friday night.  He danced like he’s never danced before.  No cares were given and he had a fantastic time.  And you know what?  I did too.  The band was fantastic on stage, the production looked stellar and the audience brought the energy.  I’m glad we took the plunge and added one more concert to the list this year.

So how about a quick review?

David Gray – bland audience, played into the lack of energy on stage, not at all like what I saw 8 years ago at a festival in Chicago.  Not sure if he’s over it or if the audience killed his vibe or what, but I don’t need to see him again live.  Don’t want to ruin my love for his music.

Pink Martini – didn’t go and let the tickets go unused… ooops.  Sometimes you just can’t muster up the energy to fight parking and duke it out for a good spot on the lawn.  They are local, I’ll easily see them another time.

Dave Matthews Band at The Gorge x 3 – amazing.  4 nights of camping along the Columbia River Gorge in Washington with the BEST fans in the world?  It couldn’t get any better.  The end.

Dave Matthews Band in Ridgefield – amazing but fairly standard set list which was expected.  They bought almost more energy than they did at The Gorge (IMO) and it was a lot of fun.  The venue needs some management work, however.  I’d volunteer to run that place if they need someone.

Death Cab for Cutie at the Oregon Zoo – great energy on stage, more story telling than I’ve seen them do in the past, great set list, but the audience was a bit bland.  I think that may be the venue though.  I’d see a symphony concert there, but I’m not sure I’d go see anything I’d want to stand up during.

Steven Page at The Hawthorne Theater w/ The Odds – so so so good.  He’s so good live.  So very good.  I was sick as a dog at this concert so we found a place to sit in the balcony rather than standing in front of the stage, but it was just as good as he was in November when I was about 15 feet away from him.

Star Wars in Concert – this was a fantastic concert.  Empire Strikes Back on the screen and the Oregon Symphony playing the score along with it.  I loved this BUT struggled to pay attention to the movie.  I was fascinated with the set up they use to help the conductor stay right on cue the entire time and would miss entire scenes watching the process.  Such is the plight of a musician I suppose.

Incubus at Keller Auditorium – see above.

And that wraps it up.  We’ll probably catch a show or two here and there this fall/winter/spring, but I’m really counting on another great summer of shows in 2020.

What does one do when outdoors concerts are done for the season?  Thankfully it’s the start of harvest for wine country.  The day following Incubus was spent in the Dundee Hills with friends sampling wine and enjoying a bit of an unseasonably warmish day.  The last throws of summer perhaps because the next day I was cleaning up long forgotten corners and pulling out fall scented candles.  Fall has arrived and the first really cool morning came Monday.  It’s time to slow down.  To rest.  To catch up on the Netflix queue and pull out the crock pot.

Last fall was hard.  This fall should be easy.

I’m ready for this season.

And now I shall leave you with a very nice looking man drinking a very nice glass of wine in front of a very nice backdrop.  Enjoy.


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