So Many Possibilities


What is it about a new year that cleans off your list of things to do and allows you to start fresh?  Last year’s failed goals and resolutions are a thing of the past and this year’s goals are set with such anticipation.  It’s a refreshing time, that’s for sure.

Over the past two weeks I’ve talked with friends about last year’s failed goal.  Did I conquer the hills on my trail runs?  I mean, I started to I suppose but this one is a hard no.  I was doing quite well on this journey when the cooler temps of late winter and spring were around.  Then summer hit and I was lucky to make it out to a flat trail let alone the beast of a hill behind my house.  What happened when fall came around and those cooler temps returned?  Nothing.  a BIG FAT nothing.  My running shoes sit in the garage in the same place I took them off at sometime in August… at least I think it was August… was it July?  Geez, I hope not.  I’m going into 2020 feel sluggish and this is rolling over.  The hills will be conquered this year.

I’m not upset it didn’t happen last year.  I can’t be successful along a journey if I regret what got me here in the first place.  Sure, I could be through another pair of shoes now, waiting eager for a new box from REI to show up on my porch ready to log some miles but I’m not.  Instead, I won’t have to spend money on new shoes and at least I know what needs to be done.  Tie up those laces and hit the trail.

I’m optimistic.

Instead of conquering those hills, I did a lot of other things.  I continued to organize my house, define my decorating style, and be completely thrilled with the space I come home to each night.  That is something I haven’t found during my entire adult life until this past year.  I saw some amazing concerts and possibly damaged my hearing even worse than it was before but hey, life goes on and Incubus continues to bust eardrums from night to night I’m sure.  I hosted the largest Christmas gathering to date and I don’t think I’ll ever been able to be out-hostessed… just ask anyone who was treated to the magic of Christmas that only Rocky and I can deliver.

It’s been a good year.

What does 2020 have in store beyond that renewed goal to get out and run more?  More hiking.  More writing about the hikes.  Continued hours logged in the audience at a concert.  More writing about those concerts.  More focus at work… or rather on my professional life.  Probably not a ton of writing about that… but maybe.  Perhaps more sporting events.  We even have that one well underway with last week’s visit to The Moda Center to cheer on the Portland Trail Blazers (even if they couldn’t keep up with Dallas).

Rocky and I tried to get the 2nd hike of 2020 in last week.  It was successful in that we walked a bit but we failed miserably in getting out to the good trails in time to find a parking place.  We had a back up plan and at least we got out there.  And if that was already our 2nd hike, then I’m feeling pretty good about this one.  We’re both longing for long treks deep into the woods.  We’re seeking out quiet solitude as we go hand in hand into place we’ve never seen before.  We’re just ready for new adventures in our very own backyard.

Our concert plans have started to take shape with Las Vegas in February for a show and The Gorge Amphitheater for Labor Day weekend.  We may add a March show to the list with a trip to Mississippi Studios which will be our first time there for a show.  Hoping to see some of my favorite artists add solos shows to their list for the year and I’m sure my “purchase tickets” finger will be quick to add a couple to my cart.

Oh!  And our yearly road trips started off with quiet the bang this year.  We’ve already logged a weekend at the coast with a hike up in Washington (where I capture the picture above), a trip out to wine country, and a drive up Mt. Hood to play in the snow.  That Mt. Hood trip was a good idea, but really, playing in the snow may be overrated and sitting in a warm brewery at the base of the mountain with a good snack might be where it’s really at this time of year.

This week I’m off to a board meeting for the International Association of Venue Managers.  I’m looking forward to engagement with people who inspire me every time I talk to them, some Tex-Mex for dinner at least twice and perhaps some dryer weather.  I don’t adore traveling as much as I’ve had to this year, I’m a bit of a home body, but I do adore the work I’m doing.  It all evens out.

So 2020 is looking pretty nice so far.  I hope you’re all still feeling pretty good about the year almost a month in.

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