just beyond the horizon


The search started today.

Well, technically, I found two jobs that made my “Hmmm, that would be interesting” list yesterday but let’s say today is the day I officially started looking.

I’ve scanned the obvious places.  Industry websites, search companies that partner with said industry, and websites loosely tied to the industry.  I’ve uploaded my resume to Indeed and spruced up LinkedIn.  I’ve easily filled a word document page with links of various jobs.  Jobs in Kentucky, North Carolina, West Virginia, Texas, Missouri and Massachusetts.  Some jobs didn’t make the list because let’s be honest, I interviewed in Topeka once and that was enough.

This afternoon will be spent writing cover letters (do those even matter anymore) and updating my resume to make it relevant to the position I’m interested in.  It’s optimistic work right now.

I know, I know, how can I even consider leaving the PNW when I love it so much… when we love it so much?  That thought sits heavy on my heart.  We adore it up here and deep down I hope we stay.  There are a lot of opportunities in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and even across the border in to British Columbia but maybe they aren’t venue industry jobs.

Maybe staying here means I jump ship entirely.

I don’t know what causes more anxiety, moving to a different part of the country or a new job entirely.  Only the ulcers developing in my stomach will be able to determine that.

I’m joking.


I’ll be honest, I’ve wondered what a job outside of venue management would be like for the past couple of years.  I’m not sure if that’s what I want or perhaps I just want something different/more than event services but would be happy continuing in event management until I hit 67 years… (or whatever the retirement age will be when I get there).  I’ve overseen events, event managers, event planning, artist hospitality, talent contracting, space booking, guest services, ticketing, parking (I could go on) for most of my career.  There is much more to venue management, perhaps I’m organizing myself into this career path out of comfort… worried about trying something new.

Perhaps that unfamiliar door that lies ahead of me is the one I should peek behind.

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