It’s interesting.  This roller coaster of emotions we’re all experiencing right now.  I’m not speaking only to the ones resulting from my layoff.  I think we’re all in the middle of something strange.

Don’t argue, if you don’t agree you aren’t paying attention!

I’ve been fairly upbeat since lunch yesterday.  Perhaps it was the deli style egg salad I so expertly crafted a mile high on white bread that may or may not have expired last week.  Maybe it was my first adventure with lemon squares (I didn’t like them before and I still don’t like them – how do people like lemon squares?).  Maybe it was putting the finishing touches on the craft room/office that I started cleaning three weeks ago (I still need to vacuum but no one is keeping score).  Maybe it was the sun, the warmth, and the open windows.

Whatever it was, I felt more at peace yesterday afternoon/evening than I have in a few days.  Even if it’s short lived for now, I’m fully embracing it.

A colleague and friend of mine from Arkansas reached out yesterday evening.  She and her husband were talking about me and this situation, and wanted to reach out to see how I’m doing.  It completely warmed my heart.  What happened on March 27 left me raw, vulnerable, feeling thrown out and the outreach I’ve experienced since is beyond healing.

Each laugh over the phone is a hug.

Each sarcastic comment about how things went down is a side glance of reassurance.

Each exhausted sigh over what is going on is a hand outreached in solidarity.

We’re all in this together and every gesture of support is worth thousands of hugs to me right now.

Moving forward… I won’t take this time for granted.  I won’t take the friendships that have be found along the way for granted.  I won’t take myself for granted.


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