we’re all crazy around here

I hit the wall yesterday.

I’ve seen the wall since I closed up my office for the last time.  It was out there but I did a good (not great) job of trying to keep it far off in the distance.

It got closer and I tried to veer.

I tried so hard.

But yesterday, I found myself laying on the ground, staring up at the wall trying to figure out what happened.  I hit it hard.  It’s a hit I’ll feel for a while.

If you’re wondering if perhaps I just had “one of those days” and perhaps that wall is still off, in the distance, yet to be hit, the answer is “no”.  I didn’t want to eat.  I didn’t want to not eat.  I didn’t want to stand.  I didn’t want to sit.  I could barely get out of bed yet couldn’t sleep even a moment.  Crafts were uninteresting, the day was bland, and the scenery out my window flat.

So go ahead and mark it down – April 30, 2020 – I’ve had ENOUGH of staying at home.  I think I lasted longer than many.  A lot of people I know were going crazy after a week, but I stuck it out until the end of April.  I’ll go accept my trophy and wow you all with an amazing acceptance speech once we can do those kinds of things in person.  For now, I’ll go ahead and step over to the side of being bored.  I’ll make it until we open back up again, I’m not worried about that, but my happy hour time might have to move up an hour or so.

I kid, I kid.  But I do need to reset a bit.  Rocky recommended I play Sim City… so, I may go brush up on those long forgotten skills.  I used to be mayor of quite a city… but that was 2002, 18 years ago… might as well try again.

If you’ve hit the same wall I have, hang in there, we’ll get through this!

Or you could move to Dallas, I hear the restaurants are opening up there today.

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