it should come as no surprise


Clearly I’m the kind of person who needs something to do with some kind of accomplishment in the end to make it through the day.  I can hang on the couch and watch tv ALL day from time to time (watching Tiger King in one day was kind of a COVID-19 accomplishment of mine) but I can’t do that day after day.

Hence my last post about hitting a wall.  There is only so much nothing I can take.

After writing that pity party of a post yesterday (and some people may take something like that down, but this is real life over here and when I read these posts years from now, I’ll need the good with the bad) I picked myself up and found something to do.  It was simple.  I had a stool that I recovered in November.  I wasn’t able to get the legs back on securely because it had too much fabric and instead of fixing it then, I let it sit in the living room, unused, until today.

1 hour later, the stool is fixed and fully functional.

That felt GOOD.

I also baked 5 cookies from some frozen cookie dough I made a couple of weeks ago.  Frozen cookie dough just might be the most brilliant thing I’ve ever made in the kitchen.

So the afternoon started out much better than the morning did.

From there I went on to finish the initial update of my yarny Etsy shop which brings us here.  Based on my post almost a week ago, it should come as no surprise that my hands needed to create and something was in the works.  I haven’t done much with my Etsy shop since 2013 but 2020 is as good as a year as any for a grand re-opening.  So go check it out, loads of beautiful handspun yarns are for sale and hopefully loads more will come soon.

Thank you for taking a peek!

What are you waiting for… click here to go shopping!


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