Deep Breath

ignore the spelling errors… I was quickly writing my thoughts and not focused on an A+ from my 2nd grade teacher

Boy, yesterday was a downer… let’s try this again.

Actually, let’s not try this again but rather, let’s just accept that some days/weeks/months are royal stinkers and its okay to acknowledge them for what they are. It’s okay to lie in it… to feel it… to cry it out… to scream at a wall… to scream at the smoke (which got up and left thanks to a VERY intense rain storm)… to be sad.

It’s okay.

And it’s okay to feel this way even though so many are going through the very same thing.

I considered deleting yesterday’s post. While it was true to my feelings in the moment (and many other moments past and to come, I’m sure), it wasn’t true to my character. But deleting it wouldn’t be true to my story. After all, a blog is a diary of sorts, no?

Today, at 1:44pm, things are brighter. A huge storm has moved through, pushing the smoke out, washing away the ash, freshening up the world around me and perhaps that has done wonders for my soul. My 3rd webinar/zoom meeting of the week was this morning. While I dreaded it yesterday, today it left me feeling like I’m still making a difference professionally. I usually wing those kinds of calls, but today I made some notes.

The topic was deeply personal to me.

I didn’t want to mess it up.

Quickly after that call, I changed hats and turned into a maker. I’ve been preparing for a hopefully large event for Lost In Love Creations which went live at noon. I’ve spent hours making, taking photos, editing, creating content… it’s fun to see it finally come together and a few orders come in right out of the gate. If rear view mirror ornaments, office ornament, Christmas ornaments, anything ornaments are your bag, find me on Instagram (@LostInLoveCreations) and you’ll see a post about it.

Making has been so soothing for me since I unpacked my jewelry supplies in June. I used to take pride in being a maker and I think keeping it packed away since moving to Oregon over 7 years ago left a hole inside of me. I find that when things get sad, I just turn and make until I get through it.

And if I’m lucky, I have something nice to show for it rather than an afternoon napping on the couch (which is perfectly fine too).

I’m off to stir the pot of chili I have on the stove. I’m happiest when I’m happy… cooking… making… creating… smiling… aren’t we all?

One thought on “Deep Breath

  1. “I’m happiest when I’m happy…” πŸ˜†

    Seriously though, I’m glad you’re making stuff again and that it helps you feel better. And happy! 😁

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