3 months

We’re nearing on the 3 month mark… 3 months since my last post.

3 months since Halloween.

3 months since my last visit to wine country.

3 months since we brought home not one, but two kittens.

Or perhaps it’s 3 months in anticipation.

3 months until the sun starts coming out a little more than it is now.

3 months until the temps start warming up.

3 months until the sweaters get put away for the year and perhaps the rain boots can go into hibernation.

But let’s settle on three months since my last post. Ooof… where to start? How about the story of those two kittens we brought home? During that last visit to wine country, we were reminiscing about a time when we had a cat. She was a good cat. I’ve talked about her on here before. We missed her. So, while waiting on our lunch to arrive, with masked faces, we searched Craigslist for kittens. Maybe not the best time to do so. We were feeling good from the wine. Feeling like life was somewhat normal, aside from the masked lunch. We could take on the world that day. Why not? I wasn’t working and it was the perfect time to acclimate new pets to the house.

If only I could magic time machine myself back to that day to give us a warning.

I kid, I kid. The kittens are delightful. Stressful? Yes. Frustrating? Absolutely. Heart warming? 100%. One day we’ll wake up, they will be full grown, and we’ll miss the cute kitten stage. But for now, we’re covered in scratches and the curtains have seen better days.

And hey – local shelters – quit advertising that it’s a great time to bring home new pets. The local vet offices are so far behind it’s worthy of an eye roll. The list to get the kittens fixed is months long… so months and months of these cats calling for gentlemen visitors out the window is in our future.

But hey. They are cute.

Let’s see… what else does the 3 months hold? Christmas came and went. It was nice, quiet, just how I like it. Thankfully I’m okay with a holiday spent without a large gathering. Kept us COVID free and kept our spirits high. We still went all out on Christmas décor, exchanged gifts, made a ham… but the family conversations re: politics were non-existent, stress level at an all time low and the mess just wasn’t there. Not a bad way to wrap up an otherwise crummy year.

I also got a job offer on Christmas eve.

No big deal really.

Actually, it’s a big FREAKIN’ deal. I was over the moon when it came through. I had a hunch it was happening, but also wasn’t getting my hopes up as I’d been interviewing with the company since May and due to some challenges with remote employees based in Oregon, I didn’t think it was going to happen before the new year.

I started this past Monday as a Customer Services Manager with Ungerboeck. It’s a software company very engrained in the venue and live event industry. If you work for a venue, you like recognize the name, if you don’t, go look them up. They are a fantastic company. I’ll be staying put here in Oregon, working from my home office. The learning curve is interesting. I know the software very well – I’ve been using it for the past 8 years. However, I’ve never worked for a software company or as a CSM so that’s the new part. Just learning how the job works, what the expectations are, what I’m empowered to do… that’s all new and will come with time. It has been a while since I started something new.

It’s exactly how I was hoping I’d land during the pandemic. Still in the venue industry, but staying here in Oregon, working with multiple types of venues, and doing something that adds a few more wrinkles to my brain.

I’m ready!

Now I can stop worrying about when I’ll get a job and start worrying about when I’ll get that vaccine!

2021… let’s do this!

4 thoughts on “3 months

  1. Congrats on the new job! I knew you’d land on your feet somewhere! I hope you end up enjoying it as much as your old job, if not more.

  2. 2021 is going very nicely so far. I’m loving the new job, still learning it of course, and am loving the arrival of spring! I hope 2021 is going well for you too!

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